Top Menopause Podcasts of 2022

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2022

Hello, I’m Jen, the podcast host of Menopause Natural Solutions and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your company and support during the year.

Before we start I want to acknowledge and give thanks to my wonderful guests who have come on the show and helped make this year the success that has been. In order of appearance we had Andrea Donsky from Morphus, Dr Beth Claxton from Flagstaff Functional Medicine,   Ann Marie McQueen from hotflashinc, Tanya Shaw from Fit + vibrant you, and last but not least Linda LeGras. Thank you so much ladies, I truly appreciate you all.

Now onto the countdown

Number 5 was Healthy Homes for Healthy Hormones.

Environmental health is a missing factor in so many women’s wellness plans. It's a message I’ve been sharing so often that is the most repeated podcast topic I have. This show was the 5th time I’ve spoken about the role of your environment in regard to your menopausal transition. 

After all your home contains the largest source of hormone-disruptive chemicals. These are synthetic chemicals that either block or mimic our natural hormones and therefore interfere with the normal functioning of our body. As well as hormone imbalance they are linked with poor sleep, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, headaches and more


Number 4 has got to be my most controversial topic so far. What’s the deal with salt? 

Many women aren’t aware that the menopausal transition is actually a time of great salt needs, especially if you are a frequent sweater or a heavy bleeder. Optimising your salt levels at this stage of life may help improve your overall heart health, sleep, energy, focus, exercise performance, waist size, happiness and dietary satisfaction.

One way to find out if you are salt deficient is to start taking a clean electrolyte. By clean I mean free from colours, flavours, and preservatives, take this daily for a week and see how much of a difference it makes for you. But if you have been told to be on a salt or potassium-restricted diet by your doctor, please check with them before trying this as I don’t know your personal health history. 


Number 3 is Tips for an easier transition into menopause

This episode shares 7 areas of health to assess and optimise if you want to transition naturally into menopause with more ease. It is episode 1 of an 8 part mini-series that dives into these 7 factors

  • your diet
  • your home environment
  • your lifestyle habits
  • any nutrient deficiencies, and remember it is thought that 1 in 3 of us have at least 10 deficiencies
  • your adrenal health
  • your digestive health
  • your general health including any undiagnosed or poorly controlled diseases you may have.

This episode also looks at my philosophy around hormone therapy and natural therapy. In my view, Naturopathic treatment isn’t an alternative to hormone therapy. It's not an either-or option as they can complement each other, Everyone can benefit from naturopathic treatment and improved general health with to without additional hormones. Hormones therapy, on the other hand, can be the fastest way to relief, especially for relentless hot flushes but it isn’t appropriate for every woman and it doesn’t necessarily set you up for long-term health as you haven’t addressed or optimised these other aspects of your wellbeing.


Number 2 is Music and Menopause

I so love this episode, after all, who doesn’t love music? Music can have a healing effect on your soul. It can improve your mood, concentration and ability to relax and now we know it can also improve your menopausal transition! This episode unpacks the recently published study titled ”The effect of music therapy on menopausal symptoms and depression.” If you haven’t listened to this episode before please do yourself a favour and download it today, the results of this study blew my mind and the process and results are easily replicated at home and it won’t cost you a thing!


Number 1 episode for 2022 - The role of diet in the menopausal transition.

This episode was part 2 of the mini-series mentioned before and followed Tips for an easier transition into menopause, which came in at number 3. How interested a sequel that outperformed the original! Diet plays such an important role when it comes to health, some foods trigger menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and others protect you against them. Here we discuss the 3 most likely problematic foods and the 3 most helpful foods for this stage of life.


As you can tell from the countdown, I am a big fan of reviewing the year. I celebrate my wins, give thanks to those who helped me along the way and forgive myself for my shortcomings and create a plan to do better next year.

In preparing for next year I’d love to hear from you, what was your favourite podcast episode this year, or did you have a favourite guest, or do you have a topic you would like me to explain? You can email me at [email protected]

Starting next week is the start of my December series of interviews. Did you realise if you go to my YouTube channel you can actually watch these conversations? YouTube


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