Need help optimising your menopausal transition? We are here to help!


Ends Tuesday 30th June

The world has changed in so many ways recently due to COVID 19, but in other ways it's still the same.

The world may be canceling everything but your menopausal transition won't go on a break. It won't leave you in peace for a while to let you deal with the new stressors around you.

In fact, you are probably less likely to be dealing well with the current stressors around you due to your menopausal transition already possible affecting your moods.


Come the end of the day

- your menopausal symptoms are still there

- you are probably being more money conscious with your spending

- you probably have more free time on your hands.


Let's make the best use of this time together and save you some money too. As a special offer during our period of self isolation I'm offering $100 off personalised consultations. 


$150 AUD for a one-off, 60 minute consultation with Jennifer Harrington N.D. (Pre COVID 19 pricing was $250 AUD) Need subsequent appointments and we will honour the current pricing during 2020. So now truly is the best time to get on top of your menopausal symptoms.



"I was searching podcasts that support menopause and found Menopause Natural Solutions, the first podcast I listened to felt so encouraging by Jennifer’s advice and supplement suggestions. Her sweet voice helped me feel calm during a time of frustration due to my lack of knowledge in supporting peri menopause in natural ways. I was fortunate to participate in a giveaway on her podcast and win a three month consultation! During our three months, Jennifer asked so many questions as she tried to figure out how my symptoms told a story about what my body needed to go through this time more easily. During the first month I needed additional blood tests to help her pinpoint my body’s strengths and weaknesses. Once she saw where I needed support, she suggested quality supplements etc. I happily followed her recommendations and have been feeling so much better. I was amazed how Jennifer looked at all aspects of my daily life to assess my needs. Body chemistry, Sleep, mental clarity, exercise, nutrition and sex health were all important but what surprised me the most was the counseling on what were my goals for this new chapter of my life were? .I hadn’t thought that my kids moving away had left me a bit lost. Not having personal goals to strive for was holding me back and contributing to my stress. Jennifer had great advise and monthly goals for me to work on which really helped me understand my body’s needs as well as my minds needs to support what I need to feel my best. Jennifer truly has a talent for communicating and a passion for helping women understand our whole body and how to support it. I highly recommend this program because Jennifer has supported my homeopathic health beliefs and encouraged me to do more to create happiness for my life."


"What were the best take aways from our time together? Supplements recommended which helped significantly to ease hot flushes and night sweats. Recommendations for helping with my relationship. Pessaries used with Vitamin E and new ones being made up to help with vaginal dryness and pain. Referral to pelvic physiotherapist for treatment. "


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