Are you looking to learn more about Menopause?

Online Workshops

We run various online workshops throughout the year. 

Our April event is Preparing for Peri-Menopause. 

Natural Medicine Week

Hosted by ATMS each May, Natural Medicine Week provides an opportunity to connect with accredited practitioners and learn about natural therapies.


We are currently in negotiations for a new retreat later in 2024. 

April Webinar

This event has occurred, the replay is available.

Menopause is a normal natural transition. Peri-menopause is the time just prior to menopause, its can be the symptomic troublesome part of the transition. Come and learn how to prepare for an easier time.

Preparing for Menopause

Tuesday 21st May,

12 Noon Sydney

This workshop explores food as medicine for the Menopausal Transition. Exploring various dietary phytoestrogens and how to use them for therapeutic results.

Functional Food for Menopause

Wednesday 22nd May,

6.30 pm Sydney

The Menopausal Transition is a normal natural part of life. Come and learn 7 reasons why some women have a harder time than others at this stage of life and learn what you can do differently to improve your experience.

Understanding Menopause

Thursday 23rd May

12 noon Sydney

Are you feeling depleted at mid-life? 

Mineral deficiency is at an all-time high. Learn how this could be impacting your menopausal transition.

Minerals for Menopause