Menopause Makeover

Next chance February 2021

This group program, hosted by Naturopath Jennifer Harrington runs for 3 months.

Each month you receive a new module to work through in your own time.

Starting with the lifestyle module, learn about menopause specific breathing techniques, stretches and more.

The second module is all about nutrition for menopause. This comes complete with recipes and meal plans.

The final module is about the impact your environment has on your transition, learn about xenoestrogens (environmental estrogens that play havoc with our hormones), obesogens (environmental toxins that promote weight gain) and more. In this module we have fun learning to make our own non toxin products. 

There are also 3 LIVE group session. 

1. Module session with Q&A

2. Book club

3. Coffee or Cocktail catch up