Menopause Makeover

Learn how to take control of your health and banish the symptoms of menopause.

The next program starts in June 2024

 This is a SPECIAL INTAKE for Natural Medicine Week and is limited to the first 12 women only.


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Have you ever wondered why some women just breeze through menopause and others really struggle?

We all stop menstruating and the production of our hormones drops, so why do we have totally different experiences? 

It's because we have lived totally different lives. Some women have experienced more stress, others have more nutrient deficiencies, others have underlying health conditions and the list goes on. There is not one solution for addressing menopausal concerns there are many. It's about starting at the beginning, restoring basic health, minimizing our stress responses, and topping up our nutrient reserves.  

Program Feedback

Why did you join the program?

"To be present with other women and feel normal, it's not a subject that is spoken about, so I was a sponge soaking up as much knowledge as possible." (Australia)

"To learn more about various options to help transitioning into menopause" (USA)

Did you achieve your goals?

"Learning more - definitely YES, Answers to questions I was too ashamed to ask others - YES. Where to go for more information - YES " (Australia)

"Yes, Jennifer provided tips and guidance on things I didn't know could help" (USA)

What did you like most about the program?

"The talks with Jen, she made the information so easy to comprehend. The online resources that I can replay in my own time. Great for working Mums and busy schedules." (Austalia)

"The in-depth knowledge and alternative approach" (USA)

"The lifestyle module was super helpful" (USA)

" The nutrition app kept me accountable and I found myself sticking with the plan" (USA)


What will you have to say about the program?

Don't miss this chance to transform your transition.  

Hosted by our Clinical Director, Naturopath Jennifer Harrington. Jennifer is also the host of the podcast "Menopause Natural Solutions" and the author of the best-selling book "From Invisible to Invincible" The Natural Menopause Revolution. She is 8 years into the peri-menopausal journey herself.

This program is for you if:

  • Your menopausal experience has not been fun
  • You have been waiting it out and life is getting unbearable 
  • You don't know where to start to turn things around
  • You just want to start feeling like you again.

The truth is the menopausal transition can take over a decade to complete.

Don't stick your head in the sand and try to wait it out. 

Let us show you where to get started, so we can work together and turn your experience around.

After all, wouldn't you prefer:

  • Better temperature regulation
  • Abundant energy
  • A great night sleep
  • To be the ideal weight
  • To have stable moods
  • To have a strong memory
  • To feel like you again.


Purchase the Menopause Makeover program for only $497.





Understanding Menopause

This initial module looks at what is menopause, what are some of the common symptoms. How our individual experiences differs from each other. Together we discuss our individual experiences in our first community session together and consider what else is possible.

Lifestyle module

Lifestyle habits to support your transition. Looking at breathwork, meditation, movement, sleep and more.  Our second community session includes a detailed discussion on stress and a Paced Respiration guided experience.


Nutrition module

Nutrition for menopause. This module includes Guidelines for Good Nutrition, Menopause Superfoods, Essential Nutrients, Fibre requirements and a resource section. Our third community session is all about food.


Putting it all together

This module looks at specific symptoms, possible testing options, popular supplements and more. It also touches on common post menopausal concerns and what can done to reduce them. This is your final community session where we tie it all together.

Community Sessions

This small group program is limited to 12 woman only!

We do this so each woman has the opportunity to be heard in the community sessions. We have found the smaller more intimate groups allow for more individual time.

The community sessions are online every Wednesday night in June at 6.30pm. AEST


If you are fed up with feeling like your life and health are out of control and you are ready to take action.


We look forward to seeing you inside the Menopause Makeover Program.


Isn't it about time you got to experience the best of health available for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Wednesday night in June

6.30pm AEST

 Hosted by Jennifer Harrington N.D.

The Welcome module is available when you join.

Module one is released Saturday 1st June in preparation for your first community session the following  Wednesday.

Module two is released Saturday 8th June in preparation for your second community session the following Wednesday.

Module three is released Saturday 15th June in preparation for your third community session the following Wednesday.

Module four and any unreleased BONUSES will be released Saturday 22nd June in preparation for your final community session the following Wednesday.

You can upgrade at any point in the program to include one-on-one consultations.

Refunds are available for 7 days from the purchase date.


Yes, we can provide a payment plan. Please email [email protected]¬†to discuss options.¬†