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Episode 053: Does Smoking Affect My Menopausal Transition?

Yes, it does! In general, smokers have an earlier and more intense menopausal experience.

Does smoking affect my menopausal transition?

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Episode 52: Hormonal Constipation

Hormonal constipation

Menopause and digestion (stewed apple recipe)

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Episode 51: The Importance of Exercise and Stretching in Menopause

There are 3 essential components to exercise: cardio, strength, and stretching. Are you doing all 3?

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From Invisible to Invincible 

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Episode 29 - Fit after 40

Episode 50: Libido

Your libido can reduce over the menopausal transition. This episode discusses tips to get you back on track. Libido

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5 love languages

Dr Emily Morse

Nutrients: Zinc, Vitamin A and E

Herb: Tribulus


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