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Episode 102: 9 action steps to improve your bone health today

Did you realise 1 in 2 women aged over 50 is impacted with low bone quality or quantity leading to bone fracture? 

This podcast contains 3 lifestyle factors, 3 dietary factors, and 3 supplemental considerations, please reach out if you need more personalised support, trust me your bones are worth it! 

Arthritis NSW (exercise program)

Episode 101: Why we age and how to slow it down with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

We all know we are ageing, but do you know WHY we age? Join us as longevity expert Dr. Sandra Kaufmann explains why we are ageing and how we can minimize the effects of ageing to live longer healthier lives.

Her book the Kaufmann Protocol is available on Amazon. 

Episode 100: It's Countdown Time! 

Today is an exciting day. It is the podcast’s 100th episode!

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane and see what the 5 most popular episodes have been, in regards to downloads. Let’s start the countdown!

#5 is episode 63, Exercise is the ultimate medication with Colin Hoobler. 

#4 is episode 52, Hormonal Constipation

#3 is episode 84, Post Menopause Concerns

#2 is episode 2, Hot Flushes

#1 is episode 82, The most important dietary change to make in Menopause.

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