Mindfulness Exercises

sleep stress May 20, 2019

Here are 31 mindfulness exercises to help reduce stress and increase your sense of calm. You don’t have to do them all. Pick 1 or 2 different activities to try each week. Repeat the ones that work best for you. Every little activity helps, it may only take a minute to slow down and catch your breath or you may reserve an entire day to chill out.


  1. Get up early and wake the sunrise.
  2. Go outside and watch the sunset.
  3. Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds float by.
  4. At night, look up and observe the stars.
  5. During a storm, sit by the window and watch the rain, listen to the pitter-patter of the drops.
  6. Light a candle and watch the flame dance. An alternative to this is to sit near an open fire and watch the larger flames burn.
  7. Take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Walk around your neighbourhood and see how many beautiful flowers are there.
  8. Gardening is good for your soul. Go on get your hands dirty.
  9. When you’re in the garden or in a park sit and watch the birds or the bees going about their daily routine.
  10. Earth yourself. Take your shoes and socks off and walk barefoot in nature.
  11. Forest bathing (Shinrin-yoku) means to simply take in the forest atmosphere.
  12. Floating in the water is my kind of meditation.
  13. If you prefer to stay dry, just watching the waves crash to shore can be therapeutic.
  14. Some find sailing therapeutic, or even just catching a ferry relaxing.
  15. Padding whether it be on a stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking is another favourite of mine
  16. Some people love swimming and find it their meditation, they count their breath, their strokes or their laps.
  17. Can you play an instrument? Taking time out to play can be fun and relaxing.
  18. If you can’t play an instrument you can still enjoy music, sing like none is listening, dance like none is watching and let the rhythm move you.
  19. Get your easel out and draw something
  20. If you aren't artistic consider visiting a gallery and admiring other peoples art.
  21. Make something eg knit, sew, crochet, quilt, flower decoration, etc. Join a class and learn how to create something new.
  22. Pet therapy. I'm a dog lover but spending time with any kind of pet helps to calm your nerves.
  23. Reading, it doesn't matter the genre. I love inspiring non-fiction type books, but anything you don't want to put down counts as a stress management tool.
  24. Playing games; board games, card games, etc. I love backgammon
  25. Being in the sunshine. Sunlight exposure is so beneficial for healthy happy moods.
  26. Movement of any kind is therapeutic e.g. walking, running,      cycling, etc.
  27. Stop and notice your breath, focus on breathing deeper and slower.
  28. Visualisations or guided imagery meditations are very effective tools.
  29. Saying affirmations regularly can get you in a better state of mind.
  30. Journaling, which can be written or drawn. Taking the time to document what is going on in your life and how you are feeling.
  31. Probably one of the most valuable activities is gratitude. Regularly take the time to think about and thank about all the wonderful things that are happening for you.

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