Mycotherapy for Menopause

Mycotherapy is the use of medicinal mushrooms to improve your health, it plays a key role in Traditional Chinese Medicine but many functional practitioners like myself also use these mushrooms.

It is a factor to consider when looking at the...

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sexual health Jun 14, 2020

Your libido levels change over your lifetime. And it can be multifactorial. 

There are 3 key elements to work on in order to raise your level of desire. These are:

  • the emotional connection from your partner
  • vaginal health
  • hormonal...
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Vaginal Health during the Menopausal Transition

sexual health vagina May 21, 2020

During the menopausal transition, many women complain about their vaginal health. They may be experiencing general discomfort, itch, redness, stinging, being more prone to tearing and infections.

As your estrogen levels start to decline so does...

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