Mycotherapy for Menopause

Mycotherapy is the use of medicinal mushrooms to improve your health, it plays a key role in Traditional Chinese Medicine but many functional practitioners like myself also use these mushrooms.

It is a factor to consider when looking at the...

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Turmeric - "The Golden Goddess"

This colourful spice has a long history of medicinal use. I love it’s nickname The Golden Goddess, for me, it is the perfect menopausal herb for the Goddess approaching her Golden Years, as it can help bring richness to her health and...

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The importance of collagen during and after the menopausal transition

bone hair joint muscle oral skin Jul 30, 2020

Collagen is a family of structural proteins. It is found in your skin, bones, tendons, muscles, cartilage, hair, nails, teeth, intestinal lining, blood vessels, and even the cornea of your eye!


Collagen is derived from the Greek word...

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Bone Health in Menopause and Beyond

bone Sep 17, 2019

 Preventing osteoporosis should be a priority for all women. 

90% of your peak bone mass is acquired by 18 years of age in females and continues to increase until the age of 30. Women start to lose about 1% a year until menopause and...

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The Importance of Exercise in your Menopausal Transition

Exercise is essential at every stage of life, and perimenopause/menopause is no exception. 


Here are a few ways exercise can help improve your menopausal transition and benefit your general wellbeing.

  • During our transition, we have a...
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Thyroid health


Your thyroid gland regulates the body's metabolic rate as well as cardiovascular risk, digestive function, muscle control, brain development, mood, bone turnover, and longevity. What an important organ!


Unfortunately, your thyroid...

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bone eye hormone immune skin May 18, 2019


  • Seafood especially oysters
  • Meat and poultry
  • Nuts - cashews, almonds
  • Legumes - chickpeas and kidney beans - although these contain phytates that may prevent zinc absorption



Vegetarians are often deficient as the...

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  • Banana
  • Spinach and green beans
  • Seafood
  • Root vegetables
  • Nuts



  • Deficiency is likely if you have had your stomach removed (gastrectomy)



  • To strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis
  • For healthy hair, skin and...
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  • Most fruit and vegetables - banana, potato, watermelon, tomato, sweet potato
  • Legumes - lentils, kidney beans,
  • Meats - chicken, salmon, beef, turkey



  • Women who urinate often lose lots of potassium and this can start a...
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  • Brown Rice
  • Nuts: Pecans, Almonds
  • Legumes: pinto, beans, navy beans, peanuts
  • Fruit: Pineapples, grapes, berries, kiwi


  • Iron and manganese fight for absorption. If you have high iron stores, you will probably have low...
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