Top Menopause Podcasts 2021

Today is an exciting day. Exciting for me anyway, today is my podcast’s 100th episode and I really want to thank you for coming along on this ride with me.

It's hard to believe I started this project in May 2019 and almost 21/2 yrs later I still have a long list of topics I want to cover and people I want to interview for the show, so I’ll still be here for a while to come.


Today as we welcome in episode 100, it’s time to take a walk down memory lane and see what the 5 most popular episodes have been, in regards to downloads. Let’s start the countdown!

Coming in at NUMBER 5 is the only interview in the countdown and the only male interview on the show so far. It was episode 63 - Exercise is the ultimate medication with Colin Hoobler.

What's really interesting is that as soon as I recorded this episode, I knew it was going to be a hit and I actually predicted it would be a highly downloaded episode worth relistening to time and again. I had so much fun with Colin and you can really hear the joy and laughter from both of us. Colin explains the 5 W’s of exercise.  Why, When, What, Where, and Who. If you are looking for motivation to start exercising or to step up your current routine, I promise you this interview will motivate you. This is definitely a must-listen-to episode. And not just once either, put this one on rotation.

Coming in at NUMBER 4  was episode 52 - Hormonal constipation 

If you would like to age well, live well and experience true health, you need to have an optimally functioning digestive system, and looking at the number of downloads this episode received I’d say there are many of you out there suffering from poor-performing bowels.  For the still menstruating peri-menopausal woman she might notice constipation leading up to a period followed by a looser movement with her cycle. Lower estrogen levels in post-menopause can cause drier, smaller, harder, pellet-like movements. So if you are not having great bowels movements, the kind that just glides out, with no pushing or straining or waiting around for it to happen this may be the episode for you.

Coming in at NUMBER 3 is episode 84 - Post Menopause Concerns.

This episode has done exceptionally well especially when you consider it was the most recently released out of the 5 in the countdown. Post Menopause has the potential to be the longest phase of a women's life and for most women, it is the calm after the storm we know as peri-menopause. But for some, it's still a struggle and this episode suggests a few reasons why you might still be struggling after the event. Episode 84 also discusses health concerns that all women are at greater risk of developing in post-menopause such as genitourinary syndrome and osteoporosis.

Coming in at NUMBER 2 is episode 2 - Hot flushes.

I’m not surprised at all that this one made the list. It has got to be the most well-known symptom of menopause. Some women struggle with the frequency, some with the intensity, and some lucky women don’t have these surges of heat interrupting their life at all. This episode discussed common underlying causes of hot flushes such as narrowing of the thermoneutral zone, it also looks at common triggers such as stress, coffee, alcohol, sugar, and smoking. And like every episode on Menopause Natural Solutions it wouldn’t be complete with discussing possible natural solutions including vitamins, minerals, my favourite herbal medicines, lifestyle hacks, and environmental factors that may be helpful in banishing hot flushes for good.

And now we have made it to NUMBER 1. Any ideas which one it will be?

The winner is episode 82 - The most important dietary change to make in menopause. 

I’m frequently asked where do I begin? All this information and potential changes can be overwhelming to some. If you just want to get started and don’t know which change will bring you the most bang for your buck, it’s this one dietary change. But that being said it isn’t an easy change to make. Sugar is the perfect toxin, it's sweet to taste and incredibly addictive. But if you want to reduce your menopausal symptoms and get prepared to age as well as you can, you need to be metabolically flexible. And in order for this to occur, sugar has got to go, but please don’t even consider replacing it with artificial sweeteners.

Well, that’s it, we made it to the end! I hope you enjoyed the countdown.

If you haven’t heard any of these episodes before, I recommend you go back and start there. Maybe even share them with a friend or two you feel might benefit from the information.


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