2019 Menopause Survey Results

survey Jun 24, 2019


We surveyed our community of peri-menopausal and menopausal women. These women were asked 6 questions. We hope you find their answers as interesting as we did.


Question 1: Have you seen a Naturopath before? If not, why?

50% answered no.

There seemed to be some confusion about what a Naturopath does and why you would see one.

For the record, a Naturopath is a university qualified health care practitioner, whose main objective is not to provide symptomatic relief but to instead uncover the root cause of the dysfunction to help provide long term results.  In our tool kit, we have nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle and environmental health strategies. You can see a naturopath for any health complaint you have but here at Menopause Natural Solutions we only focus on the menopausal transition.


Question 2: What are your most problematic menopausal symptoms?

No surprises here what number one was.

1. Hot flushes - we have a 3 part article and podcast focusing here on hot flushes - click here for more information

2. Moods - this will be next weeks focus

3. Vaginal dryness/ low libido - this will be an area we will focus on soon but for now, consider trialing Vitamin E pessaries. They can help to soothe, heal and lubricate your mucous membranes. They can also help reduce your vaginal itch. Insert one at night and make sure you wear a pad to bed. Try this for a month and see if you notice the difference.

4. Heart-related symptoms such as palpitations, racing heartbeat, and angina. As heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, it is something we have already written about. Click here for more information.


Question 3: How is your menopausal experience affecting you. 

We had an assortment of answers here but most fell into 3 categories.

1. Feeling fatigued, being exhausted, and worn out

2. Being very emotional, quick to tears, quick to anger

3. Moody. Many discussed how their moods were affecting their lives, and their relationships.


Question 4: What is your ideal solution?

This provoked a huge range of answers, lucky no one asked for the magic pill, hopefully, we have all realised that doesn't exist! What was mentioned included:

  • lifestyle changes such as stress management techniques
  • dietary changes
  • various supplements


Question 5: What are you currently doing now to ease your menopausal transition?

Key theme - Nothing. Waiting it out. Putting up with it.

Really? This is unbelievable, do you ladies realise the transition can take over a decade? Your health and happiness are far too important to just push it to the side for a decade or so.


Question 6: If you could sit down with me and ask me any question what would it be?

Key themes:

  • when will this end?
  • how do I become me again?
  • where do I start?

Ok, now the answers in question number 5 what more sense. If you don't know where to start or how long this journey may take, it makes more sense why you wouldn't do anything about it. But now you know differently, you can choose a different path.


We have a solution for those among us who are action takers and want a different reality but just didn't know where to start. We call it our "Online Retreat". It's like a destination health retreat but from the comfort of your own home. The information focuses on the menopausal transition, optimal health, and graceful aging. 

Week 1: looks at basic testing, optimal ranges, when to supplement.

Week 2: looks at nutrition, foods to add, food to avoid and how to put it all together

Week 3: looks at lifestyle habits such as stress, exercise, sleep

Week 4: looks at how your environment affects your health. So many haven't considered the role of xenoestrogens in hormonal imbalance.

Click here if you would like more information on our Online Retreat.


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