Tips to avoid a hot flush at a special event

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2020

From time to time a special event will come up that you really don't want to have a hot flush at. It could be a work event, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, date etc. 

If you take the time to prepare for this event, it will increase your chances of a successful event without flushes.

The first thing to consider is your clothing, make sure you choose an outfit that can be layered up or down to help you regulate your temperature. Look for breathable and quick-dry fabrics. Here are a few examples of clothing ranges that specialise in fashionable clothing for women transitioning into menopause


Do you want to wear make-up? Putting a primer underneath your foundation can keep it on if you do heat up. For this reason, its also best to use a waterproof eyeliner or mascara to avoid these nasty black smudges down your face.


Perfume is a toxic mix of chemicals, if you want to smell nice wear an essential oil. Many reputable essential oil companies sell hot flush or menopause blends based around Clary sage. This has the added benefit of smelling nice and reducing your symptoms of menopause at the same time.


Prepare well beforehand. Have you packed everything you need? Do you know where you are going? How you are going to get there? If you are driving, where will you park? You want to minimise rushing around on the day and you really don't want to be running for the bus.


On the day, get ready well before time. Heat in the form of showers, baths, hairdryers, hair straighteners, etc have been known to trigger some women. Try a cooler shower or leave time to get ready and cool down afterward.


Aim to arrive at the venue early, if possible can you find a well ventilated, less stuffy seat? Once you have found the ideal location for you, breathe. Paced respiration is a breathing technique to reduce hot flushes. It's simply counting to 5 on the inhalation and 5 on the exhalation. You can do this from your chair or go to the bathroom for extra privacy. 


What to drink?

The 2 most common drinks ordered at a special event are coffee or alcohol. Both of these beverages are known to promote the sensation of flushing.  Maybe a herbal tea is a better option for you? Certain teas are beneficial during menopause and these include Sage, Chamomile, Green tea, and Fennel. For some women, all forms of hot drinks trigger them so iced tea may be a better option. Water is always a winner, you may want to dress it up as sparkling water with fruit or mint. In regard to alcohol have you noticed if you can tolerate some forms of alcohol better than others? Or are you best to avoid it altogether? The most common form of alcohol to promote flushes is red wine. Some women find they tolerate the white spirits better e.g. vodka or gin.  This drinks section wouldn’t be complete without mentioning sugary drinks like soft drinks or juice. Sorry ladies, sugar is also in the top triggers list.


What to eat?

Is there something on the menu that contains protein? e.g. beef, seafood, eggs, quinoa, nuts, etc. Protein helps balance out blood sugar levels, imbalanced blood sugar levels not only promote hot flushes but it can also increase anxiety levels at an already potentially stressful time. You want to avoid high sugar foods at the same time. Sorry, no desserts. If you are eating a meal together consider something like a chicken salad or steak and vegetables.

Specific food triggers vary with each woman and its best to avoid all food sensitives at the same time as you don’t want to trigger a digestive emergency or additional wind at this point! Common triggers to consider include:

  • spicy foods, save that curry for another night
  • gluten
  • dairy


I hope these hints and tip work and you have a fun, flush free special event!

Just in case you may want to pack a small handheld fan.

Have fun.





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