Treatment for Hot Flushes

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Treatment for Hot Flushes

"If menopausal symptoms were due solely to hormonal changes then the menopausal experience would be more homogenous."

Dr Sandra Thompson - University of Western Australia


What she is saying here is that your hormones aren't fully to blame for your experience of menopause. Think about it for a moment. All women will stop menstruating and all women will have lower hormone levels but not all women will struggle through the menopausal transition. So what else could be to blame?


In the earlier articles, we spoke about the necessary cofactors for healthy receptor function. They were: Magnesium, B vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin A and Iodine.


We discussed cleaning up your environment, as xenoestrogens, toxic metals, and toxic chemicals can clog up your receptors and block hormone attachment. Check out Healthy Homes for Healthy Hormones.


Phytoestrogenic foods like nuts and seeds can help balance out estrogen levels. Phytoestrogens are compounds found in food that have an estrogen-like effect on the body. As they are a similar shape to estrogen they can attach to the receptors and help maintain levels. Try to eat a portion a day.


We also discussed Stress and the Thermoneutral zone. Stress narrows the temperature range you feel comfortable in and leaves you being more prone to hot flushes. The best stress management tool is exercise, here is a link to more options Mindful Exercises. Good supplements to help manage your stress levels include Magnesium and B vitamins


Each woman will have her own unique triggers that can initiate a flush. Common ones include coffee, alcohol, sugar, gluten, spicy food, and smoking. Consider what triggers you and remove it.


There are 2 other supplements that feature heavily in the research for hot flushes that we haven't discussed yet. Vitamin E and Omega 3. Vitamin E is the specific vitamin for hormonal health, it is also beneficial for heart health, immune health, and good memory. Omega 3 can be found in fish oil and sea buckthorn. Fish oil is the better choice if you also have arthritis, Sea Buckthorn is the better choice if you also wish to address dryness.


Have you considered your clothing? Natural fibres that are loose and layered are ideal. Did you know there are specific clothing ranges designed to keep you cool, dry quickly and look stylish?

Check out: 

* Cucumber clothing

* We Become


My favourite herbs for hot flushes include:

* Tribulus

* Black Cohosh - if flushing is accompanied by mood changes

* Motherwort - if flushing is accompanied by palpitations, racing heartbeat, and anxiety

* Sage - flushes with excessive perspiration

* Rehmania - if flushes are triggered by stress

* Zizyphus - if flushing is accompanied with anxiety and or insomnia


We also have a podcast episode on hot flushes 


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